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July 9, 2013

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Teffilah (prayer services)

Congregation Ner Tamid Shel Torah is a family environment that joyfully welcomes all people to join together with prayers of gratitude from the heart. Join the celebration of life and feel the awakening of our inner connection to Hashem through a combination of modern and traditional liturgy, ancient spiritual wisdom and spontaneous heartfelt improvisation.

Life Cycle Events

Baby Namings

The birth of a son or a daughter is a joyous occasion and calls for celebration. In spiritual Judaism the infant’s first connection into the family of Israel comes in the form of a name. The giving of a Jewish name makes this new soul unique to the world and as a member of the covenant of Abraham.  Rabbi Ivan can assist new parents and familes perform the mitzvah of this festive occasion as they welcome their new special soul into the family of Israel.

Pidyon HaBen

The mitzvah of Pidyon Haben (Redemption of the first born) is a beautiful tradition which requires the first born male child of a family to be redeemed. This festive occasion is mandated by Torah Law and is a powerful testament which binds the Jewish people to the traditions of our past. Traditionally the Pidyon Haben takes place after the first 30 days of the first newborn male child’s life. Being the first born male of his family, Rabbi Ivan feels a special conection helping young familes perform this festive Mitzvah.

Brit Milah

Abraham our father was the first to accept the covenant of Hashem and upon doing so became the first Jewish Person on Earth. The Ceremony of Brit Milah is a powerful connection to our spiritual tradition which creates an unbroken link within the family of Israel. Rabbi Ivan can introduce you to both a highly medically and spiritually trained Mohel who specializes in the Brit Milah covenant ceremony.

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Lessons and Services

The celebration of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a special rite of passage in a Jewish child's life. B'nai Mitzvah celebrates the moment when that soul can read from the Torah and take part in all the richness that a Jewish spiritual life has to offer. It is a special mitzvah for a child and their family to prepare for this momentous occasion. Rabbi Ivan can mentor the young adult and their family to prepare for their B'nai Mitzvah ceremony, as well as prepare the new B'nai Mitzvah for a joyful spiritual life of mitzvot and good deeds that lay ahead.

Adolescent and Young Adult Mentoring

The life of a young adult is filled with decisions that often shape the rest of their lives journey. Peer pressures, social pressures, and television or media pressures can all influence a young adult into making decisions that may sound great at the time, but in the end may not be in their best interest. It is times like this that the clear voice of a sympathetic role model can help guide the young adult in making empowered decisions concerning their future without fear or embarrassment. As a self defense instructor for over 25 years, Rabbi Ivan has mentored countless young adults employing a mixture of compassion, humor and common sense to help them create the right decisions for a productive and successful future.

Life Coaching

Life can certainly become overly complicated with surprise choices, twists and turns. Much like driving down an uncharted new freeway in a foreign city, we often find ourselves turned around not knowing which way to proceed. Families, careers, personal lives and spirituality are all dynamic parts of our life that require constant attention and care. When we find these foundational parts of our life out of balance we experience a diminishment of enjoyment and general lack of productivity. By working together, Rabbi Ivan can help you re-establish a harmonious balance between all the facets of your life allowing you mend the fabric of your life's focus.


The union of two people joining together as they journey down the path of life is a certainly a reason for joyous celebration. Marriage is both a Torah Mitzvah as well as a spiritually enriching pinnacle of two soul’s journey through life. Every couple is unique choosing to celebrate their wedding in a way that best captures their life's spirit and energy. Diversity is the celebration of life, and Rabbi Ivan will work with you to create your perfect wedding celebration in which to toast the commencement of your life's journey together.

Renewal of Vows

A long rich life together as a couple is a precious gift and a reason to celebrate. Many lifelong couples choose to toast life and renew the vows of marriage they promised to each other when they began their journey hand in hand many years ago. Rabbi Ivan will help create a perfect memory for you both as you reaffirm the bonds of love and celebrate this special time with family and friends.

Funeral Services

The passing of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time bringing families and friends together honoring and celebrating the memory of a special life that touched countless people. Our life’s journey brings us into contact with people on an everyday basis, and our interactions together has a positive long reaching effect that touches people to their very core. Rabbi Ivan can help you to celebrate and honor the memory of your loved one with dignity and heartfelt respect while bringing families together within the healing embrace of our Jewish Spiritual path.