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Classes and Lectures

Spiritual Teffilah - (Understanding Jewish Prayer)

If you have memories of sitting in Shul, watching the clock and wondering "what am I doing here?” then this class is for you. Prayer is supposed to be a time of intense joy and spiritual fulfillment as we are communing with Hashem our creator. Unfortunately, many people never get to experience the deep inner connection that prayer invites into our heart do to the fact that they are still wrestling with the outer form of the prayer liturgy and the order of siddur "Jewish prayer book." This class will help to unlock the meaning of Jewish Prayer allowing an individual to experience their inner closeness with Hashem and a deeper sense spiritual fulfillment.

Jewish Meditation

In today's fast paced world people lives are very demanding. Schedules to keep, families to raise, deadlines to meet, etc... have become the normal mode of operation. We as a people have become used to living in a constant state of heightened stress and restlessness. Sadly, any notion of inner peace or stillness has become relegated to some distant soft voice which gets drown out by the constant din of our hectic life. The practice of Jewish meditation can and will awaken that soft spoken voice of inner peace, stillness and wisdom which is the gate that leads back to your true Tzelem Elokim nature.


No concept has evoked such a revolution in today's spiritually thirsty population then the Study of Kabbalah. Tradition teaches that Moses received the Kabbalah directly from Hashem at Har Sinai and then taught the tradition to both Aaron and Joshua. They in turn both taught the tradition of Kabbalah to their descendants in an unbroken line that still exists today. Unfortunately, people have been led to believe that Kabbalah has something to do with a magic string, plastic bottles of holy water or books that you need to purchase. Nothing is further from the truth. The ancient study of Kabbalah is both holy and sacred endeavoring to unify the many levels of a person existence. The path of Kabbalah is a spiritual journey that encompasses both theory and practice, contemplative exercises as well as practical work. It is a Torah commandment to make sure this ancient spiritual tradition available to all who are drawn to it, as this is the path of enlightenment is the pathway to Tikkun Olam

Jewish Conversion

The simple fact is, “our world is a lot smaller than it used to be." With the onset of the digital age interpersonal relationships have brought people of many backgrounds, faiths and upbringings into close proximity with Jewish spirituality and religious beliefs. Inter-marriages between people of mixed faiths and backgrounds is becoming the norm and religious acceptance and tolerance is happily growing. The Jewish religion is very accepting of conversion welcoming anyone who feels drawn to a deeper understanding of our spirituality, customs and beliefs. After all, Abraham our spiritual father and Ruth "King David's" grandmother were both converts to Judaism. The path of conversion to a Jewish Life is an amazing journey complete with questions and answers, discovery and experiences. This inner journey takes a person to the heart of their being and back again culminating with a huge celebration honoring life and all its blessings. The entire family of Israel with an open heart will say, “welcome to the family... the family of Israel!"

Torah Study Classes

The Torah is the most important work in existence. The letters, words and inner meanings of the Torah were given to Moses at Mount Sinai directly from Hashem.   Moses, during the children of Israel's journey to the land of Israel recorded the words and lessons of the torah in form of a written scroll. The Torah is studied in a yearly cycle which is broken up in 54 sections called "Parshot.” As a student’s understanding of the Torah deepens; wisdom, insight and life experience merge together enriching every facet of a person’s life. Come study Torah at Ner Tamid Shel Torah as we all will work together as both teachers and students, while merging our inner spiritual life with our outer physical life through the blessings of the Torah.